What is a Nurse Coach?

First of all, a nurse coach is a nurse…(obviously). Second, a nurse coach is a major supporter of individuality. The nurse coach will assist you in whatever area of your life you want to work on, and support you through every step. While a nurse might know a lot about what everyone should be doing to be healthy (mind, body, and spriritually) it is important that each individual human being be recognized for their strengths. Through nurse coaching the nurse will help you to recognize your own inner strengths and encourage you to lean on those strengths. The nurse can give educational insights into nutrition and activity for weight loss, chronic disease management and healthy living in general. However, the main goal of coaching is not to teach you anything you do not already know, (we all know fruits and veggies are healthy and exercise is important). The main goal is to gain insights into how healthy principles of nutrition and exercise can be incorporated into a busy schedule and turn it into a lifestyle. Bottom line is, diets do not work and life is too short to deprive ourselves of the things we enjoy. Nurse coaching focuses on more than just the physical body. If you decide to give nurse coaching a try, you will find that it is all about you, as an individual. There is so much more to health than our bodies, although our bodies are super important, the mind and spiritual beliefs are just as important (whether you believe in God or not, we all have a spiritual side that has nothing to do with God or spirits at all…unless that’s your belief). Whatever your belief system, your nurse coach will support you in it.

Rachael Peterson is a graduate of the University of Wyoming with a bachelor of science in nursing. As a registered nurse, Rachael has worked in a variety of settings. Such as, long term care, and rehabilitation, hospice, home health, medsurge (hospital in-patient during COVID surge), and a very short time on the in-patient behavioral health unit at Campbell County Health (CCH). Rachael has completed a nurse coaching program and obtained board certification in nurse coaching. As a board certified nurse coach, Rachael will begin seeing clients in Gillette Wyoming and surrounding areas. Rachael can practice in several other states also, so if you know someone that would like to give nurse coaching a try just ask if your state is on the list. Rachael can do in person one to one, phone calls, or zoom meeting visits (or other virtual meetings). It depends on client preference.


Nurse Coach Rachael.

Call 307-299-6792 to schedule a coaching session.

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